The first thing you should ask about any background information provider is "where are you getting your information, and how often is it updated?" 

As a licensed Private Investigation Firm, we have access to proprietary databases that are not available to others.  These databases are compiled from many sources including non-credit information from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, and public records.  Most databases are updated monthly.  However, in some states, public records can be anywhere from 30 days to 6 months behind. 

Additionally, many "privacy policies" include the fact that information provided about individuals and businesses may be "shared" with "affiliates".  The English translation is that information divulged online, in applications for discount cards, and many other scources will end up in databases available to us.
Pre-employment background investigations require written consent from the potential employee.  Other background investigations require a legitimate business purpose, but do not require the subject's permission.  Involvement of any kind in litigation, or pre-litigation due diligence, qualifies as a legitimate purpose to perform a background investigation.

Our standard background investigation report will include:

  ► Current address and 10 year address history with occupancy dates
  ►  Landlines and cell phones
  ►  Criminal records
  ►  Current and past real estate ownership
  ►  Real estate purchase and financing details (current and history)
  ►  Real estate foreclosure information
  ►  Judgments, liens and bankruptcies
  ►  Corporate affiliations
  ►  UCCs
  ►  Voter registration information
  ►  Vehicle registration and driver license information (some states)
  ►  Relatives with current phones and addresses
  ►  Associates* with current phones and addresses

       * Associates are individuals with whom a subject has shared an address who are not relatives.
          Data research does not require a pi license in each state accessed.

Background Investigations

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