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There are a number of reasons to use a virtual private network.  Basicly, it enables the device on which it is installed to appear to be connecting to the Internet from a city or country of your choice.  Our IT people have tried several of the "hide" your ip programs, and this is the only one that currently cannot be detected (by FB, Google, Yelp, etc.).

Ever need proof that your email has been opened?  Many people refuse to enable the "send receipt" function, so you are left in the dark as to whether your email was received.  With Read Notify, you can receive a read receipt covertly.  There is also a feature that will render the email you send unforwardable, as well as a self-destruct (delete) option.  Useful and way cool.

We used to use  keyloggers apps, but these days, any good virus program will detect the keylogger and warn the user.  Not so with a hardware keylogger, that is a device you connect to (the back) of a computer.   Wi-Fi enabled, it can send information in real time directly through the home or office network. 

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